As we said earlier, aging depends on the clock and the calendar. Your health depends on you. Your health can deteriorate with age and, yes, it can even improve with age.

All plants and animals, including human beings, are subject to the passage of time. So the years add on, inevitably.

Actually, human beings are not afraid of aging. They are afraid of the diseases and physical conditions which they believe – not very correctly – are associated with the passage of time. They assume that our immune system, our ability to fight off certain germs and viruses, is hampered as we grow older. They worry or are depressed that their ears, eyes, mind, hands and feet will not work properly as they age. They are nervous that their basic senses (vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell) as well as different organs and parts of the body will suffer from aging. They may suffer from high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, constipation, etc., conditions which may cause them to live in constant fear.

Yet, it is necessary to realize that diseases are not always a function of time. Ill health is often a function of how we spend our time, how we behave in self-destructive ways, how we fail to routinely ‘overhaul and maintain and repair’ our minds and bodies.

By and large, diseases do not come to us voluntarily; we actually invite them, welcome them in, and then dislike them.

We will see later how we can easily close the door so that diseases do not enter. Yes, we can shut the door on diseases. In such a way that not only do we grow old with time, but we also grow old gracefully, in style.

Next, we will examine some of the other conditions for which we blame age instead of blaming our lifestyle.