Welcome to MAHC Clinic

Our clinic is located in the heart of city, for the treatment of Outpatients.

Patients can approach us for Outpatient quality services like wellness and prevention, counseling, Panchakarma on OPD basis, Ayurvedic treatment of various illnesses like Arthritis, Miagrain, Obesity, Diabetes, Ulcerative colites, psoriasis etc

  • You will get treated by Ayurvedic medicine from the highly trained staff and certified Doctors.
  • You can avail the benefits of Full or Part of Panchkarma treatment on OPD basis.
  • You have the privilege to choose a treatment from Katibasti, Shirodhara, Abhyang, Swedan, Nasya, Matra Basti, Hraday bast and many more.
  • Our specialized professional treatment of overweight with Obesitygo.
  • We also provide treatment of diabetes with MDM6.


Our medicines are FDA approved and Prepared in GMP certified facility.

Following facilities are available

General Consultation


Diet counselling


Treatments available for

weight loss program


Skin care & ailments


Hair problem

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311 The Emerald, Near Bird Circle,

Race Course Rd, Vadodara,

Gujarat 390007.

Visiting hours:

Monday 9AM–12PM, 4:30–6:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–12PM, 4:30–6:30PM
Wednesday 4:30–6:30PM, 9PM–12AM
Thursday 12AM–12PM, 4:30–6:30PM
Friday 9AM–12PM, 4:30–6:30PM
Saturday 9AM–12PM, 4:30–6:30PM
Sunday Closed


Phone No : +91 9327219418