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Ayurved is much more
than its herbs.

It’s about you!

  • Ayurvedic medicines are just a small part of the Ayurved story.
  • Ayurved is about the total you: who you are, how you are, how you behave, how you eat, how you live life fully, how you relax, how you sometimes take medicines.


Our Therapies & Treatments


Maharshi Atreya Health Centre has developed its own unique method of Panchakarma to obtain the maximum benefit from it. All the ‘Karmas’ (the steps or the actions of Panchakarma) have been tested scientifically with the help of different diagnostic tools on a number of volunteers. The doctors at MAHC have substantial experience in using the various techniques of Panchakarma to cure chronic diseases.

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Ayurvedic Herbs – Medicines

Herbs and its use in Ayurved known as a Dravyagun Shashtra. Dravyagun is an integral part of Ayurved, which deals comprehensively about Ras, Guna, Virya, Vipak and Prabhav (Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynemics) of herbs. This branch also deals with identification, collection, storage and preservation of raw materials of plant origin

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Ayurvedic Diets

Ayurveda puts emphasis on Ahar (Diet) and Anna (Food) and believes that healthy nutrition nourishes the mind, the body and the soul. Ayurveda does not discriminate and say that something is a good food or a bad food. Instead, it emphasises the various factors that influence food – such as its biological properties, its origins, the environmental factors, the seasons, the method of preparation, the freshness

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Yog & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are an integral part of wholesome health. In general yoga and meditation are perceived to be non-pharmaceutical measures or complementary to drug therapy for the treatment of lifestyle diseases like mental stress, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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Ayurvedic Lectures

To achieve wholesome health the awareness about health and diseases is as important as Panchakarma, medication, yoga and meditation. Awareness is the first and most important step in achieving a disease-free life. It has been observed that due to lack of knowledge and awareness many people face various kind of illnesses which are otherwise easily prevented with a simple understanding of Ayurveda and diseases.

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Our Review & Ratings

Arun Chaudhari
Arun Chaudhari
00:22 10 Jun 19
Nice and warm regards from Arunkumar Chaudhari from Vadodara
April Soto
April Soto
07:37 20 Jan 19
This center is phenomenal. I felt like I was cared for in a new way I'd never experienced before.They have the perfect balance of care while also giving us the space to heal.I learned immensely from the lectures and enjoyed interacting with the staff and the Pandya family.The time I spent at this center was a blessing and I'm be going back to learn from these beautiful people.I'm a physician that has been also blessed with a chronic illness. This has pushed me to learn from Eastern medicine as I've exhausted all that Western medicine has to offer (I live in Southern California) Western medicine has kept me alive for which I'm grateful. Eastern medicine has given me a new understanding and I'm living a new life.
Maya Patel
Maya Patel
06:40 19 Jan 19
Excellent treatment with ayurveda.
HEMMA Mistry
HEMMA Mistry
20:32 05 Nov 18
The best place! Amazing doctors, incredibly friendly staff I have been 3 times now and always come away feeling incredibly renewed and nourished It has helped my skin condition immensely
L Madhavi
L Madhavi
08:52 04 Nov 18
I liked the atmosphere
vishwas chitale
vishwas chitale
15:58 14 Feb 18
Outstanding Panchkarm & Ayurvedic Treatment Centre!I with my better half enjoyed the Panchkarm Treatment for 10 days In October 2017.Morning started with walk in and around the centre followed by Yogabhyas & Meditation.Tea & Breakfast, Lunch, evening tea & Dinner were well planned with individual variations decided by Dr. Pandya.The Treatment was given by well trained & experienced staff. The ambience was homely but disciplined.I got rid of my long lasting cough & my wife is also feeling energetic & healthy.I would recommend that every one yong or old should take this treatment once in a year becauseशरीरम् आद्यम खलु धर्मसाधनम् ।
Rob Young
Rob Young
18:49 24 Jan 18
We found this clinic by searching google and were impressed by the reviewsOur expectations were exceeded!!The doctors , the staff, the encompassing treatments, the food, the clinic, and the cleanliness where all fantastic The other enjoyable part was meeting people from around the world, sharing stories, adventures and the commonality for being there.Our 14 day stay had amazing results including a feeling of lightness, weight loss, increased flexibility , a better understanding of Indian culture and general peace and well beingWe look forward to our return visit :)Namaste
Ruchira Amin
Ruchira Amin
02:42 24 Jan 17
I was here for a week, and I thoroughly enjoyed being there. The people are super friendly, and take good care of you. The treatments are focused on helping you with your medical issues, and the food is specifically designed to help you achieve your goal. The rooms are very tidy, and the property, on the whole, is very calming and beautiful. I would highly recommend it!
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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Dinesh Pandya (Senior Research Officer)

Dr. Dinesh C. Pandya is the pioneer of this Ayurvedic hospital.

He was inspired to start this hospital by his father Late Dr. C L Pandya who was a well known Ayurvedic physician of Gujarat.

Dr. Dinesh C Pandya is bridge between modern medicine and Ayurved.

He did his post graduation in Ayurved (MSAM) from Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, and did PhD in Pharmacology from Baroda Medical College (MS University of Baroda) under Dr. O D Gulati who is a well known pharmacologist of India.

Dr. Pandya worked as Senior Research Officer at S.U.P.A.R. Unit, Dept of Pharmacology at Baroda Medical College for 15 years.

He has presented research papers in national and international conferences of Pharmacology.

He worked in the field of Gastroenterology, especially on acid peptic disorders.


DR. AVANI PANDYA (Chief Physician)

Dr. Avani Pandya is an enthusiastic and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor.

She did her graduation from Government Ayurvedic College, Vadodara, in 2000.

She is a certified Yoga teacher and conducts yoga sessions at MAHC. She is certified Yoga teacher from Lakulish Yog Vidhyalay, Kayavarohan.

She works at MAHC as the Chief Physician.

She has expertise in curing autoimmune disorders with Panchakarma.

Her fields of interest are Gynaecological disorders amd male and female infertility.


Dr. Jaydev Pandya (Chief Physician)

Dr. Jaydev Pandya is a Homeopathic Doctor. He looks after the homeopathic wing of Maharshi Atreya Health Centre.

He is a practicing Homeopath since 2000.

He is in charge of patient counselling and overall patient management at MAHC.

Dr. Jaydev Pandya regularly conducts group interactive sessions with patients and lay persons on matters relating to health, nutrition and the Ayurvedic way of life. These sessions include a wide range of lectures on related subjects.


DR. KUMUD PANDYA (Ayurvedic Physician)

Dr. Kumud Pandya is Ayurvedic Physician at Maharshi Atreya Health Centre.

She has been practicing Ayurvedic system of medicine since 1977.

She has expertise in the field of Pathya – Apathya (Dietary regime according to Ayurved).

The Aahar – Vihar which is beneficial and nutritional to the body and also give happiness to the mind is known as Pathya and the opposite of that is known as Apathya.

She has developed Ayurvedic diet according to Dosha; this diet is prescribed at Maharshi Atreya Health Centre.


Ayurvedic OPD at MAHC Hospital at Undera

Opening Hours

For Panchakarma, by appointment only - +91 9327219418


9AM to 12PM


9AM to 12PM


9AM to 12PM


9AM to 12PM


9AM to 12PM


9AM to 12PM

Following facilities are available

- General Consultation
- Diet counselling
- Panchakarma

Treatments available for :
- weight loss program
- Skin care & ailments
- Hair problem
Sunday is closed*