Ageing in Sanskrit known as ‘Jara’ – जरा

The main objectives of Ayurveda are:

  • Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam – To protect and maintain the health of a healthy person (Preventive and Social medicine)
  • Aturasya Vikar Prashamanam – To treat the disease and give relief to a sick person (Therapeutics)

As defined in AyurvedaAgeing is a natural process in which the body is continuously decaying – ‘shiryate iti shariram’. This process is intensified by the onslaught of diseases, and a disease can enter the body only if there is an imbalance (vikriti).

It is in the nature of human beings that nobody wants to grow old, even though we know that anyone who has taken birth must inevitably grow old. The changes of old age are natural but not always pleasant.

Ayurveda takes the rational approach in describing ageing and it is considered to be a disease, which can therefore be prevented and cured or managed. Ayurveda scrupulously details the stages and incidents encountered in the process of ageing, in the same way as other diseases are described – symptoms, contributing factors, treatment, prevention, etc.

Types Of Ageing

On the basis of the onset of the ageing process, it can be divided in two types:

  • Kalaj Jara – Timely ageing
  • Akal Jara – Early or premature ageing

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Anti Ageing Treatment:

At Maharshi Atreya Health Centre (Ayurvedic Panchakarma Hospital and Ayurvedic Clinic) we follow a comprehensive approach towards the treatment of ageing – timely ageing as well as premature ageing.


Panchakarma therapy is a combination of five procedures, which detoxify the body and balance the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).
You can take the Panchakarma therapy in-house at our Ayurvedic Health Centre at Undera, Vadodara.
Alternatively, you can also take the Panchakarma therapy on OPD Basis (without lodging and boarding) at our Ayurvedic Panchakarma Clinic at Race Course Circle, Vadodara.


Ayurveda specifies a special group or Ayurvedic herbs or Ayurvedic medicines for the prevention and treatment of the ageing process. These Ayurvedic remedies are known as the Rasayan group of herbs. Rasayan is derived from two words:

Ras (the liquid outcome of digested food which circulates throughout body and contains various nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc., and is used in the formation of 7 dhatus of the body).

Ayan (replenishing the Ras circulating in the body).

The Rasayan herbs at MAHC are made in a GMP certified Pharmacy. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

We follow global standards of packageing. Our medicines are always safely and hygienically packed, using the latest high-barrier packAgeing techniques. Safe tamper-proof packAgeing ensures a safe product.

Upon completion of Panchakarma Rejuvenation therapy, you can get Rasayan Herbs from our Panchakarma Clinic at Vadodara (Race Course Circle).


The diet is an important factor in the prevention and treatment of the ageing process. At our Ayurvedic Panchakarma centre at Undera, we serve freshly prepared Ayurvedic diet. Prepared according to your constitution, this diet helps in detoxification and balancing of the three doshas.


We conduct periodic group discussions at our Ayurvedic Hospital and educate people on various topics related to the prevention of ageing – the Ayurvedic concept of nutrition, incompatible foods, factors causing early or premature Ageing, Ayurvedic diet to prevent early or premature Ageing, Aachar Rasayan, etc.