Ayurvedic Concept of Food and Nutrition


When you live to eat, you neither live well nor eat well.

Food is enjoyable only when you eat to nourish yourself.

You know that several food items have damaging side-effects. You know that cooked meat is harmful for some people. You know that many people are allergic to cooked grains or dairy products. You know that excess sugar may cause diabetes and corrode your teeth, without giving you any compensating beneficial nutrients.

Everyone is overloaded with such information. But all this knowledge seems to have no effect whatsoever on their eating habits. You, your friends, your relatives – the whole world merrily keeps on eating, mindlessly. It almost appears as if they are living only in order to eat. They do not realise that they are eating their way towards an unhealthy, malnourished and shorter life. They are taking in the food, but shedding their years.

Just think, how can such eating be enjoyable? How can you have genuine enjoyment, while doing genuine harm to your body? When you harm your body today, you harm your mind tomorrow. Unhealthy body, unhappy mind!

Ayurveda offers to you an alternative, intelligent and enjoyable approach to your food and to your nutrition. The Ayurvedic Food allows you to enjoy your food, it allows your body to be nourished by your food, and it allows your mind to be happy with the overall result – in the short run, and over your entire life.

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Ayurveda suggests that your food must be appropriate to your entire system. Your system a combination of your body and your mind is unique to you; there is no other person in the world exactly like you. So, your food habits must compulsorily be unique to you. Ayurveda helps you to understand your uniqueness – it is called your prakruti and it helps you to identify the food habits that best complement your uniqueness. Ayurveda helps you to eat appropriately that is, appropriate to your prakruti.

God has made you unique. Ayurveda recognises this fact and helps you to get nourished and replenished not depleted by your food habits. Your diet according to ayurveda should enrich your life and make it more liveable.

So, who is this unique person that you are? How will you understand your uniqueness? How will you learn about the food habits that are appropriate to your uniqueness?

The answers are in Ayurveda. The Ayurveda approaches eating that is easy to understand, and easier still to put into practice. The ayurvedic diet advised may be different, the circumstances may be different, the people are certainly different, but the Ayurveda logic is universally applicable.

Seeing Off:

Dr. Avani Pandya is an Ayurvedic doctor and a certified yoga teacher. She has diverse experience in the field of food therapy and patients receive a special Ayurvedic food list and Ayurvedic food diet schedule suitable for their specific constitution and specific ailments.

Food Therapy is part of the treatments that patients receive while staying at Maharshi Atreya Health Centre, Undera – one of the renowned Panchakarma Centre in Vadodara. The concept of Ayurvedic food and Ayurvedic food combinations is a part of the holistic approach taken by Ayurveda while treating diseases and also maintaining good health to prevent diseases.


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