Food Therapy: How to Eat as per your Dosha Type

Your prakriti is the guide to your food. Know your prakriti. Then determine your Ayurvedic diet. What is your prakriti? Ask your ayurvedic doctor. Any qualified ayurvedic doctor can talk with you for an hour or two, and help you to know what your constitution – or your prakriti – is and the implications that it has on your body, your mind, your lifestyle and your food. The constitution is described by three main doshas or forces: Vata, Pitta, […]

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Improve Your Health with Ayurvedic Food based on your Prakriti

Your nutrition needs are determined by your uniqueness, and your uniqueness is determined by your Prakriti. It is your Prakriti (Constitution) that determines your diet! In Ayurveda, the word ‘Prakriti’ refers to your basic constitution. Your Prakriti refers to the genetically inherited and unwavering physical and emotional qualities that you were born with. It is determined at the moment of conception. It specifically relates to […]

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What is Right Food and Diet as per Ayurveda for Everyone

Everything about you – every single thing – is unique. You are one in a billion. Therefore, the food that you eat must be unique too! A billion unique persons must not follow the same diet. Every single thing that exists in this universe – every creature, every plant, every acre of earth – has its own unique characteristics. There is no single rule which […]

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Ayurvedic Concept of Food and Nutrition

When you live to eat, you neither live well nor eat well.
Food is enjoyable only when you eat to nourish yourself.

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