Ageing is not what the years do to you, Ageing is what you do to yourself as the years add on

Let us take a look at some of our conditions for which our lifestyle – not our age – is the guilty party. Medical Emergencies. Social Circumstances. Loss of Physical Strength. Poor oral Health, such as dry Mouth and Defective Occlusion. Uncomfortable Dentures. Mental problems, such as Anger and Depression. Functional problems, such as the inability to walk or see or Hear properly. Indigestion, perhaps […]

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Ageing only means growing older, it is not compulsory to be less Healthy as you grow Older

What is Ageing? Ageing can simply refer to the passage of time that indicates the biological process of growing older in a deleterious sense. As we said earlier, ageing depends on the clock and the calendar. Your health depends on you. Your health can deteriorate with age and, yes, it can even improve with age. All plants and animals, including human beings, are subject to […]

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The calendar only tells you how old you are, but not how old you look and feel!

Checkout How Subjective age may be more meaningful than biological age.

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