What is Right Food and Diet as per Ayurveda for Everyone

Everything about you – every single thing – is unique.

You are one in a billion.

Therefore, the food that you eat must be unique too!

A billion unique persons must not follow the same diet.

Every single thing that exists in this universe – every creature, every plant, every acre of earth – has its own unique characteristics. There is no single rule which applies to all. One size does not fit all. Even ready-made dresses need to be custom-altered.

This reality applies to you and your food also:

There are few Ayurvedic Food Concepts which tend to prove our food as medicine! That is each person has unique food list to follow.

  • The foods available to you are unique.
  • You and your body and your mind are unique
  • The combo of you and your food is unique.
  • Your location is unique.
  • The prevailing weather and season are unique.
  • Your current circumstances are unique.

If there are a billion such unique combos, how can there be one common diet that is suitable for every unique combo? If we consider Food as a Therapy, of course it has to be unique for each one of us!

Yet, the westernised food industry, a few misguided doctors and thousands of so-called nutrition specialists deploy vast amounts of marketing muscle and advertising money to brainwash people into believing that there is something called the average person and something called the average diet suitable for the average person. This thought creates the wrong impression of Food as a therapy for everyone and thus misleads the crowd for their own profit of marketing!

Just think: if the average height of one million persons is 165 cms, there will be very few persons who are exactly 165 cms; the variation may, for instance, be anything from 130 cms to 180 cms. The average is a helpful and indicative statistical concept to measure and evaluate the totality, but it does not uniquely fit or apply to any one person.

So, if there is no such thing as the average person, there is no such thing as the average diet. As you have often heard, one person’s food can be another person’s poison. Food Therapies should not be taken lightly always! As much it is beneficial, it can prove destructive too.

Ayurvedic Diet says that the only diet rule that you should follow is the one that is suitable for you. It has to be tailor-made for you and your circumstances, thus if that food heals us in some circumstances then we can call it Food as a medicine Ayurveda!. That is, it has to be tailor-made for the unique combo that you are. The tailor-made diet is easy to design, and you can design it yourself. It is very practical because it exactly matches the unique combo that you are.

If you eat to live, you will live well, and you will love your food too. Your diet should be as special as you are. This is the ayurvedic approach to food – “Ayurvedic Food” uniquely enjoyable while being uniquely therapeutic. 

We can help you to understand the unique combo that you are. We can even help you to design a unique and practical diet plan – Ayurvedic food combinations.

Seeing Off:

Dr. Avani Pandya is an Ayurvedic doctor and a certified yoga teacher. She has diverse experience in the field of food therapy and patients receive a special Ayurvedic food list and Ayurvedic food diet schedule suitable for their specific constitution and specific ailments. 

Food Therapy is part of the treatments that patients receive while staying at Maharshi Atreya Health Centre, Undera – one of the renowned Panchakarma Centre in Vadodara. The concept of Ayurvedic food and Ayurvedic food combinations is a part of the holistic approach taken by Ayurveda while treating diseases and also maintaining good health to prevent diseases.  

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