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MAHC offers risk factor analysis based on scientific modern criteria such as lipid profile, blood pressure and cardiovascular health. The criteria are then correlated with Ayurvedic assessment based on the patient’s constitution. It is only after such assessment that we prescribe the diet, the herbs for disease prevention, the health maintenance schedule and life extension programme.

A profile Of Maharshi Atreya Health Centre (MAHC)

  • It is registered as an Ayurvedic hospital (Hospital ID – 8900080094550).
  • Our services and facilities are IRDA approved and ISO certified.
  • It is spread over 30,000 sq.ft.
  • MAHC is 7 kms from the Vadodara railway station and 15 kms from the Vadodara airport. Free airport pick-up is provided.
  • It has 9 rooms for guests. All guest rooms have attached bathrooms, western toilets, hot and cold running water, TV, Airconditioners, WiFi.
  • It has two rooms for Panchakarma treatment (one for men and one exclusively for women).
  • It has a separate hall for for yoga and meditation, a dining area, a lovely garden with a walking track.
  • Guests are given ayurvedic diet, 100% vegetarian.
  • The standards of hygiene and cleanliness are of international standard.
  • Patients with medical insurance can avail reimbursement facility.
  • Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati

What we offer:

  • Treatment duration is one to four weeks, depending on the individual needs.
  • The treatment includes Panchakarma, Meditation, Yoga, Accommodation, veg. Meal and much more.
  • The stay also covers interactive lecture sessions on the fundamental effects of Ayurveda on health, Panchakarma, various diseases and their Ayurvedic aspects.
  • Long-term vegetarian Ayurvedic personalized diet plan.
  • The staff is fully trained and we offer personalised care

Doctors are available in-house 24×7.

07:30 AM

Yogic Exercise and Meditation

This Exersize’s duration is Approximate 45 minute

08:00 AM

Tea, Breakfast

We will provide you a Tea & Healthy Breakfast

08:30 AM

Brisk Walking

(This can be performed at evening also) This Will take Approximate 45 minute

09:30 AM


Your Panchakarma theraphy will start form 9:30 till 1 hour and 15 minutes.

11:00 AM

Lunch as per Recommendation

It is a Time to Take Lunch and after that need Rest till 4 PM

4:00 PM

Tea, Breakfast

We will provide you a Tea & Healthy Breakfast

5:00 PM


30 minutes of Panchakarma procedure (Janu basti or Kati basti or Greeva basti etc) for Joint problems (except sunday)

8:00 PM

Dinner as per Recommendation

We will provide you a healthy Dinner

9:00 PM

Lecture on Various topics (twice in a Week)

Lecture for 1 hour and after that will rest in the night

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Maharshi Atreya Health Centre
Undera Koyali main road, At and Post: Undera,
Dist: Baroda Pin: 391330, Gujarat, India.

Visiting hours:

Those who wants to visit centre and facilities before joining the centre,
can come between 9 to 11 am or 5 to 6 pm

Visiting hours to meet patient :

5 to 6 pm

OPD Facility is available at MAHC Hospital located at Undera.
Timing: 9 to 12 Morning, Except Sunday

Our Review & Ratings

Maharshi Atreya Health Centre
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Arun Chaudhari
Arun Chaudhari
00:22 10 Jun 19
Nice and warm regards from Arunkumar Chaudhari from Vadodara
April Soto
April Soto
07:37 20 Jan 19
This center is phenomenal. I felt like I was cared for in a new way I'd never experienced before. They have the perfect balance of care while also giving us the space to heal. I learned immensely from the lectures and enjoyed interacting with the staff and the Pandya family. The time I spent at this center was a blessing and I'm be going back to learn from these beautiful people. I'm a physician that has been also blessed with a chronic illness. This has pushed me to learn from Eastern medicine as I've exhausted all that Western medicine has to offer (I live in Southern California) Western medicine has kept me alive for which I'm grateful. Eastern medicine has given me a new understanding and I'm living a new life.
Maya Patel
Maya Patel
06:40 19 Jan 19
Excellent treatment with ayurveda.
HEMMA Mistry
HEMMA Mistry
20:32 05 Nov 18
The best place! Amazing doctors, incredibly friendly staff I have been 3 times now and always come away feeling incredibly renewed and nourished It has helped my skin condition immensely
L Madhavi
L Madhavi
08:52 04 Nov 18
I liked the atmosphere
vishwas chitale
vishwas chitale
15:58 14 Feb 18
Outstanding Panchkarm & Ayurvedic Treatment Centre! I with my better half enjoyed the Panchkarm Treatment for 10 days In October 2017. Morning started with walk in and around the centre followed by Yogabhyas & Meditation. Tea & Breakfast, Lunch, evening tea & Dinner were well planned with individual variations decided by Dr. Pandya. The Treatment was given by well trained & experienced staff. The ambience was homely but disciplined. I got rid of my long lasting cough & my wife is also feeling energetic & healthy. I would recommend that every one yong or old should take this treatment once in a year because शरीरम् आद्यम खलु धर्मसाधनम् ।
Rob Young
Rob Young
18:49 24 Jan 18
We found this clinic by searching google and were impressed by the reviews Our expectations were exceeded!! The doctors , the staff, the encompassing treatments, the food, the clinic, and the cleanliness where all fantastic The other enjoyable part was meeting people from around the world, sharing stories, adventures and the commonality for being there. Our 14 day stay had amazing results including a feeling of lightness, weight loss, increased flexibility , a better understanding of Indian culture and general peace and well being We look forward to our return visit 🙂 Namaste
Ruchira Amin
Ruchira Amin
02:42 24 Jan 17
I was here for a week, and I thoroughly enjoyed being there. The people are super friendly, and take good care of you. The treatments are focused on helping you with your medical issues, and the food is specifically designed to help you achieve your goal. The rooms are very tidy, and the property, on the whole, is very calming and beautiful. I would highly recommend it!
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